Saturday, July 26, 2008

Voice chat under linux

I have been searching for a voice chat solution under Linux to contact my family while I'm abroad , cause i am doing almost all my work under Linux and i hate to boot xp for only chatting, here is my experience

- ofcourse voice chat will not work under linux

Yahoo messenger:
- i couldn't make it work with wine

Google talk
- it is my favorite voice chat client as it have good audio quality but unfortunately didn't work at all with wine or even crossover
- I couldn't setup Landell, and i didn't hear any success stories about installing it
- i could install Empathy successfully and it worked with me , voice chat worked too , tested the voice quality once, it was inferior to the original software, but it was usable

i had installed skype before on ubuntu dapper and ubuntu edgy but it didn't work properly , i could only make one call per session, and i had to restart the application for it to work again, there was a fix for that But i have installed skype under ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy)

It worked from the beginning, used xten-xlite as a client on both sides, worked fine with the SIP gizmo service (sipphone), good audio quality, rare disconnections, minimal delay

if you are a Linux fan try to avoid properiatory solutions tailored mainly for windows, try to use a standard protocol like SIP you will find it well supported by not only Linux community but also other platforms and hardware manufacturers.

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